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The Louisiana Board of Veterinary

Medicine would like to

remind you of the

2018-2019 Renewal Period.

DVM License, RVT, CAET and RED

Certificate Renewals are to be mailed out at the end of June.

All licenses/certificates expire September 30, 2018. Prepare now and avoid late fees, stress and hassle!

For more information contact

The Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine

(225) 342-2176


LVMA in Local News

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina state rolls out mobile pet shelter to save pets during disasters

The Advocate

Dept. of Agriculture & Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, at lectern, speaks Thursday at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center as he and other officials ...

LDAF says mobile pet shelter ready for use

WWL First News

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture says its new mobile pet shelter is ready for use. Commissioner Mike Strain says the tractor trailer can be used

Louisiana's first mobile pet shelter to help in emergency situations

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry will provide shelter to as many as 55 pets at a time. It will be used to transport and shelter pets ...

State unveils pet shelter


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