Pet of the Year Award

In an effort to recognize animals throughout the state of Louisiana for their special talents or heroic deeds, the LVMA has established thePet of the Year" award. This award recipient will be selected from nominations made by veterinarians who are aware of or witnessed these animals in their area of practice. Examples of such animals might include pets that have saved their owner’s lives or were instrumental in helping their owner overcome overwhelming odds, physical handicaps, or serve the public in any way for many years. Each nomination will be given a certificate for meritorious serve and one outstanding pet will receive the Pet of the Year award.

The presentation will take place at the annual Winter Meeting.

Nominations must be made in writing and presented to the LVMA Board. A nomination will be valid only if it is presented by a licensed veterinarian of Louisiana.

Click Here to Submit a Nomination for Pet of the Year

Click Here for the Pet of the Year Award Nomination Form

Nominations are due December 1st. Please submit written nominations to the LVMA Office, 8550 United Plaza Blvd, Ste 1001, Baton Rouge, LA 70809, [email protected], Fax: 225-408-4422.

Past Recipients

Year Winner Breed Owner
2023 Lady, Roux, & King Equine Baton Rouge Police Department Mounted Patrol
2022 MWD Bolt    
2021 Pepper Jack Pomeranian Mix The Black Family
2020 Steel Great Dane The Borne Family
2019 Sugar American Pit Pull Terrier  David and Trina West
2018 Sgt. Boco   Chief Deputy Stephen Williams
2017 Buddy   Jeanette Forestier
2016 Charlie   Lisa Labarraque
2015 Beaux   Captain Wren Thomas
2014 Officer "Kyra" Sgt. Larry Bolden
2013 Raj Ms. Anita Hartzell
2012 Sendy Chet Chambless, LSU
2011 Honey Brian Vecellio
2010 Ginger Ross & Ruth Nolan
2009 Darby Dewey & Gigi Corley
2008 Tracker Shreveport Fire Department
2007 Tumbleweed Marie Wolford
2006 Bleu Jennie Carter
2005 Binky Charlene Roger
2004 Ritzi Yvette Pourciau
2003 Snuggles Samoyed Bonny Barry
2002 Sandy Terrier Dachshund Mix Carolyn Hoyt
2001 Becca English Cocker Spaniel Patti Hunsicker
2000 Gigi Toy Poodle Whitsell Family
1999 Max Newfoundland Mr. & Mrs. Norman Ansemann
1997 Nosey Mixed Feline Charlie Spears
1996 Jared Irish Setter Janet Dupuis
1995 Cricket Cock-a-poo Stephanie Johnson, BCSW
1994 Coke-Si-Tonga Miniature Horse Linda Davidson & Donna Lee Ammons
1993 Honey Golden Retriever Faye Anguzza
1992 Trixie Dachshund Mr. & Mrs. Claude Peterson