Veterinarian of the Year Award

The Ralph C. Cooper Veterinarian of the Year Award is given annually to the person who is recognized by his or her colleagues as having given the most of themselves in time, energy, and ideas to the veterinary profession in the state of Louisiana. Current Board members are not eligible for such award.

Nominee must be a member in good standing in the LVMA. Nominee must have had a positive influence in promoting animal health and welfare in the community as well as within the profession. Nominee should be of good character and well respected by colleagues. Nominee should be presently active in local, state, and/or national veterinary associations. Nominee should have shown an outstanding contribution to veterinary medicine, either through his or her work or through his or her actions and public awareness.

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Nominations are due December 1st. Please submit written nominations to the LVMA Office, 8550 United Plaza Blvd, Ste 1001, Baton Rouge, LA 70809, [email protected], Fax: 225-408-4422.

Past Recipients

Year Winner
2023 Jesse Brandon, DVM
2022 Christine Navarre, DVM
2021 Jon Fletcher, DVM
2020 Kirk Ryan, DVM
2019 Charles Cobb, DVM
2018 Karen Miller-Becnel, DVM
2017 Frederick McMullan, DVM
2016 David Baker, DVM
2015 Diane Stacy, DVM
2014 Warren Joubert, DVM
2013 Dean Peter Haynes, DVM
2012 Commissioner Mike Strain, DVM
2011 David C. McGraw, DVM and C. Wayne Roberson, DVM
2010 Lynn Buzhardt, DVM
2009 V. Hugh “Chip” Price, DVM
2008 Renee Poirrier, DVM
2007 Dennis French, DVM
2006 Edward J. Davis, DVM
2005 Patrick F. Thistlethwaite, DVM
2004 Donald Doiron, DVM
2003 John Rust, DVM
2002 Martha Littlefield-Chabaud, DVM
2001 Kim Michels, DVM
2000 Patrick Bernard, DVM
1999 Robert M. Lofton, DVM
1998 James "Sonny" Corley, DVM
1997 A.S. "Sammy" Haase, DVM
1996 Winburn "Ned" Wynn, DVM
1995 L. Mike Cummings, DVM
1994 David P. Hesse, DVM
1993 Dale O. Turner, DVM
1992 Dick C. Walther, DVM
1991 Gordon Pirie, DVM (Ralph C. Cooper Award)
1990 M.W. Guas, Jr., DVM
1989 Alfred G. Stevens, DVM
1988 John Morrison, DVM
1987 Robert Hammatt, DVM
1986 Will S. Hornsby, DVM
1985 Frank Douglass, DVM
1984 Randy Thayer, DVM
1982 Steven Nicholson, DVM
1981 Clyde Raby, DVM
1980 Daniel Hillmann, DVM & Gary Norwood, DVM
1979 Hebert A. Burton, DVM & Will S. Hornsby, DVM
1978 Peter Haynes, DVM
1977 Cecil D. Kelty, DVM
1976 Everett Besch, DVM
1975 Willie Trahan, DVM
1973 Gary B. Beard, DVM
1971 Walter J. Ernst, DVM
1970 Joe M. Dixon, DVM
1969 W. H. Lockard, DVM
1968 Charles T. Caraway, DVM
1967 Charles M. Heflin, DVM
1966 Joe E. Bruce, DVM
1965 Robert Gibbs, DVM
1963 J.P. Thrasher, DVM
1962 Robert Lank, DVM