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Since 2005 the Dr. Walter J. Ernst, Jr. Veterinary Memorial Foundation (“the Foundation”) has supported animal relief efforts in the wake of disasters and emergencies. The Foundation assists in funding search and rescue, evacuation and sheltering efforts, as well as other activities as necessary, such as feeding in place and veterinary care. The Foundation also funds ongoing training and preparation for future events.

Donations to the Animal Relief fund are dedicated to the types of activities stated above. Donors wishing to more narrowly target their contribution should indicate on the memo line on their check or, if donating online, should state the reason in the "Event" field displayed after indicating that the donation is for a particular event at the time of donation. Donors may also contact the LVMA Office by email or telephone to discuss and provide direction for the application of their donation. The Foundation does not ordinarily report back to donors the specific use of their donation.

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