Mission & History

The Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association (LVMA) was founded in 1905.

 To advance veterinary medicine and advocate for the association's members. 


  • Advance the science and art of veterinary medicine and its relationship to the public's health and biological sciences and agriculture in the state of Louisiana.
  • Promote the health of all species and to extend to the agricultural community and the community-at-large the benefits of sound and progressive leadership in the diagnosis and treatment of animals.
  • Foster, maintain and enhance public understanding of the nature of the veterinary profession.
  • Do all things necessary and desirable to further high standards of care in the treatment of animals and continuing standards of excellence in the professional training and continuing education of doctors of veterinary medicine.
  • Promote goodwill among its members and to seek protection of their rights and privileges.
  • Advance the maintenance of ethical standards which reflect the learned nature of the profession and the peculiar responsibilities of the veterinarian to the whole community of Louisiana.